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Reviews from East End Film Festival screening

The Quietus 
“…as part of the East London Film Festival, a different pace is explored in the first screening of John Roger’s documentary The London Perambulator, a thoughtful and, at times, deeply moving piece about Nick Papadimitriou”. continue reading here

Stewart Home
“The London Perambulator struck me as a cross between Iain Sinclair and Chris Petit’s Channel 4 movies such as The Falconer and works by the artist Luke Fowler including Bogman Palmjaguar and The Way Out”. continue reading here

“John Rogers’ film is an excellent study of the character and vision of a man who would be dubbed by the literary press or Sunday supplements (if they ever discovered him) as an English eccentric, but whose clarity of vision is such that it makes you think that it’s the rest of us who are eccentric, locked as we are into the banalities of capital, or what Guy Debord called The Spectacle, whereby we have lost contact with the ground we tread on, the land we inhabit; we don’t see where we’re going.” continue reading here

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