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Podcast: John & Nick talking about the background to the film

In this episode of Ventures & Adventures in Topography, John Rogers and Nick Papadimitriou take a dérive through James Bone’s The London Perambulator published in 1925 – the book that gave John the title for the film.

Bone’s view of the city was idiosyncratic and hard to pin down, he was drawn to the overlooked and maligned corners of the metropolis. He dreamed of having the keys to the spirit of London and preached the virtues of night-time perambulations in all weathers. Themes that are also present in the documentary.

Listen to the podcast here (right click to download)

The rest of this series of podcasts exploring the world of early C20th topographical walking guides to London can be downloaded from Resonance fm

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London Perambulator director John Rogers talking about film-making, walking, blogging and London on Lost Steps, Resonance 104.4fm

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London’s Burning on Resonance fm

The podcast of London’s Burning on Resonance fm is now available with London Perambulator director John Rogers talking about the film, psychogeography and London with Malcolm Vache from Housman’s bookshop, artist Laura Oldfield Ford, and authors Ken Worpole and Merlin Coverley.
Download the podcast here

You can listen to Resonance on 104.4fm or online at
Details about the Housmans London’s Burning season of events including a screening of The London Perambulator can be found here

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